Correct Installation

Kitchen hood :

Please install your kitchenhood only through company authorised technician .

Kitchenhood can be installed in two ways, Ducting Mode & Recirculation mode,

bullet Ducting Mode: is the most effective way to install hood. In this mode the duct of the kitchenhood is removed through extra ducting pipe out of the kitchen. In this mode all the impurities , smoke,odour etc are exhausted out of kitchen. Kitchenhood should be operated at the high speed for optimum performance of the kitchenhood. Ducting mode is the most economical mode of installing the kitchenhood as unlike recirculation mode there is no cost recurrence.
bullet Recirculation Mode : In this mode all impurities , smoke,odour etc are filtered through the grease filter and charcoal filter and the filtered air is recirculated back in the kitchen . This mode of installation is suitable only where there is no provision or possibility to remove the duct pipe out of kitchen. In re circulation mode charcoal filters should be changed every 2-3 months depending on the usage& kitchenhood should be operated at low speed for optimum performance of the kitchenhood.

All Turbo air kitchenhoods can be installed in Ducting mode as well as Recirculation mode.

Before using the kitchenhood pl follow the below instructions,

bullet Please read the instruction manual.
bullet Incase of any problem in Kitchenhood pl. call a authorized technician to resolve the problem , pl. see the service locator section in this website .
bullet Ducting pipe should be of 6 inch for best performance , however you may use 4 inch
 bullet Distance between kitchenhod base and the top of the hob / cooktop should be between 65cm -75cms. Incase you are using vertical hood than the distance between kitchenhod base and the top of the hob / cooktop should be  45 cms
bullet Make sure that the electric socket is close enough to the kitchenhood for connection kitchenhood should not be operated on invertor

Built in Hob :

Built in hobs should always be installed by authorised technicians only

Caution! : Never use Built in Hob as a Free standing Gas stove or Cooktop.

bullet To install a built in hob kitchen platform should be cut as per the sizes indicated in the below diagrams. before installing the hob , pl. ensure that there is a electrical 5 amp point for connecting the hob to operate the auto ignition .Also ensure that the gas pipe line is safe and does not have any leakages or cuts. All hobs can be used for LPG  or CNG fuel. however to use the hob with CNG , jets need to be changed to CNG suitable jets which are available with authorised technicians.