Special Features


Perimeter aspiration Perimeter aspiration
Fumes flow towards the external perimeter of the cooker hood and are then sucked in with optimum efficiency. The steel or glass panel both enhances the appearance of the product and simplifies cleaning.
arge aspiration surface Large aspiration surface
The grease filter with a larger surface area offers a greater amount of airflow, guaranteeing maximum capacity of fume capture.
High performance motor High performance motor
Motorisation providing high performance airflow; recommended for large kitchens or especially intense cooking activity.
Filter change indicator Filter change indicator
The indicator provides a visual signal when it is the moment to replace or wash the filters, so that the product is always working at its best.
User-friendly electronic control User-friendly electronic control
Clear interface graphics are fundamental in order to indicate all the possible functions of the cooker hood. The use of electronic technology makes these controls straightforward and user friendly.
Washable grease filter Washable grease filter
The grease filters represent the first filtration grid for cooking vapours and grease and therefore must be cleaned frequently. The convenient handles on the filters make them easy to remove. The filters can then be washed by hand or in the dishwasher.