Why Turboair

The Turbo Air brand is designed for the middle end of the market, and features new elements in terms of material, colour and line, producing a sense of freshness and originality. Becoming part of the Group in 2006, the Turbo Air range, destined for the big markets in Far East & India, integrates and completes the offer of the Group through the introduction of particular models that combine youthful design and practicality of use. Innovative solutions and design are the fundamental features of all the models, but practicality is never neglected

Turbo air is all a guarantee of safety, thanks to the exclusive use of carefully tested components. Anti-rust paint, smooth no-cut edges, the care taken in assembling parts, together with our quality systems, all combine to create products that are safe. The perfect Synergy of steel and glass, the precision in detail, and the great importance we give to design is demonstrated in our product range. These are examples of Italian technology and excellence, featuring outstanding components such as Touch Control, Sleek remote control, energy saving LED lamps, the user friendly electronic controls, the large airflowsurface removable and washable Baffle filters.Turboair is a brand you can rely on: exclusive, safe, with easy to install products – a quality brand at just the right price.